Alison Moyet May Be Upset About This…

The Cover Music Podcast

The Cover Music Podcast

“Coverville” has set the standard for great music podcasts. Imagine, a downloadable show where you can hear a vast array of covers by all sorts of bands.

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 They’ve featured TMJ in best writing paper the past a few times, and now they’re going to be debuting Surface Wound’s brand new cover of that synth pop classic by Yazoo, “Nobody’s Diary.”

Check it out right here.

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You may notice that the vocals are even more growly than usual at the end of the song — that’s because the very sexy and gravel-throated George Fullan (from LI hardcore band Three Years Older) sings along on the last chorus.

“Nobody’s Diary” and 11 other (original) tunes all co-habitate on Surface Wound’s upcoming full-length debut, “The Kids Are All Gone” (Acquired Taste Music).  More fun premieres and stuff to come…

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One Response to “Alison Moyet May Be Upset About This…”

  1. Yazoo Fan Says:

    Passing along the words of Alison…

    “I love a cover and I like this. It reminds me of the local scene in the 70’s. It was written as a power pop song and I used to do it guitars and all before Yazoo in my previous band.”

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