Lyrics: Mutiny


Floating around
High above ground
Barely a sound
Everybody’s waving
My life’s in your hands
Can I have the next dance
Hey is that Kansas?
Here comes the pavement

Don’t know what to do
Where’s my parachute?

Up in the breeze
Looking down at the trees
I’m on TV
Everybody’s waving
This is a business, son
Guess I’m a businessman
We mean business, man
Here comes the pavement

The girl has my heart
My heart is a plane
The plane is in flames
Flames in my heart
My heart’s in my hands
My hand’s in the girl’s

Donna Everywhere

I met her at the movies, she was there on her own
A bargain matinee
Theater deserted, she sat right next to me
Can’t remember what played that day

She leans, real near
She whispers in my ear
I blink, she grins
Choke on my M & M’s

The lights went down
That lion roared
Donna got down on the floor

Losing my mind, but I don’t care
I see Donna everywhere
Down by the lake side, in a lawn chair
Donna, Donna, everywhere

She agreed to move in, but my dog made her sneeze
So I gave the dog away
Should’ve kept the dog, given her to my friend
Cause he took her anyway

Those lips, those eyes
That tattoo on her thigh
White teeth, red hair
She hated underwear

Is this real
Or in my head?
Donna’s dancing on my bed

What it Is

They say they built this fort 2000 years ago
A man named James carved his name in 1983
Congratulations, James
Now you’re a dick for eternity
I don’t know what your words for it are
I just know what it is

And so we chop chop chop
At the tree tree tree
Today I stopped and shopped
Inside the walled city
Congratulations, gentlemen
There was something there for me
I don’t know what your words for it are
I just know what it is

Wanna go back to fifth grade
But I’d be twenty-three
There’s a dream where I am naked
A dream where I can’t see
Congratulations, James
I’ve got you inside of me
I don’t know what your words for it are
I just know what it is

Just Like A Man

The words were in my head
The gun was on the shelf
Found the ammo in his pocket
I felt like someone else

I stalked my lover’s wife
Shot her in the chest
Picked the kids up from the sitter’s
stopped for beer and cigarettes

With my husband’s gloves
On my tiny hands
I walked like I was bigger
I walked just like a man

Sweating in the bed
Sheets around our knees
He whispered his plan
kissed my forehead, I agreed

There’s this creeping evil
That I’m trying to outrun
I wake up in the night
I remember what I’ve done

With my husband’s gloves
On my tiny hands
I walked like I was bigger
I walked just like a man

Under orders
I am blameless

Sin Tax

The change from his cigarettes
Was not what he’d expect
It’s annoying
Not the end of the world

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity
It’s not the drugs, did this to me

Inside each guilty pleasure
There’s a little filthy treasure
Let’s go diving for pearls
In an ocean of beer
What have we here?

No we don’t approve of this
So it will cost one dollar more
Nothing’s so important
We can’t adjust in a day or four

I’m either hungry or full
But I’m rarely satisfied
The groove is in the grave

Starry Eyes

(by Will Birch/Jon Wicks, new verses by TMJ)
They locked the doors at twelve
as if there any cops nearby
They turned on all the lights and the taps are running dry
Old lady’s clearing glasses
we shout “One more” and then
as soon as you have finished we all
shout one more again

I don’t wanna argue
I ain’t gonna budge
Won’t you take this number down
before you call up the judge
I ain’t gonna argue
There’s nothing to say
Get me outta your starry eyes
And be on your way

Erase the video
we bribed the security guard
The rooms are paid for but on whose credit card
We didn’t make any phone calls
These towels aren’t worth a thing
Don’t blame me if the tv’s smashed
It had it coming

He wants 200 bucks
Well just write him an IOU
Something’s wrong with this world when clowns got lawyers, too
We fired everybody
Spent our night in the can
We must be famous if grandma knows
The writ has hit the fan

Stay At Home

I’m gonna stay at home tonight
I really dig this book
Ain’t gonna answer the phone at all tonight
I’ll teach myself how to cook
Stay at home
Stay at home
Lots of invitations if I wanted ‘em
Lots of cool clothes, too

Nightclubs, discotheques, got nothing for me
Why pay to be bored?
Baby this is free

Friday night
All my neighbors are out
Turn the stereo on if I want to
Turn it up real loud

I keep my shades drawn all the time
Nothing changes outside
All the action is in here, man
Everything has been tried

I might call my girl a little later on
If she’s got a tape to bring
We’ll both dance around a little later on

We won’t wear anything


I have walked down train tracks drunk at three a.m.
It’s no great trick, it’s not magic
When the trains don’t run till six

That’s the kind of guy I am
The kind of guy who needs a girl
Who hates guys like me

That’s the kind of world this is
The kind of world that spins
Despite guys like me

If my muscles were just as big as my brains
I’d have to fuck them up, too
I’d have to fuck up guys like you

That’s the kind of guy I am
The kind of guy whose bleeding heart
Is on my sleeve

That’s the kind of world this is
The kind of world that spins
Despite you and me

If I had a magic wand
I’d wave it once and fake the rest
A ritual must be performed
Before we honor your request

In Perpetuity

In perpetuity
All throughout the universe
You and me
Past end of time and edge of earth

Heard a man sing a song
sweeter than anything
Wanna hear that song
For the first time
Just one more time
First time one time more

In perpetuity
All throughout the universe
You and me
Past end of time and edge of earth
Just you and you and me and you

There is cause and effect
And there is just because
Just because I’m helpless
Just because I am helpless
Just because I’m yours

Don’t you know
Nothing is ever enough
Ain’t you learned
Nothing is ever enough

Heard a man sing a song
I’d heard ten times before
Wanna hear that song
for the first time
just one more time
first time one time more

In perpetuity
All throughout the universe
You and me
past end of time and edge of space
I fall forever in your face
The edge of space and the end of time
I am yours and you are mine

Sort of Haunted House

This house is sort of haunted
I’m not the man you wanted
It’s daytime now but I dread the coming night
The stuff that you kept hidden
And all the things I didn’t
Laugh at me when I turn out the lights

That lawn looks kinda crazy
Since you’ve gone I’m a little lazy
Still hear your voice every time that I come home
This man is somewhat stricken
I feel my heartbeat quicken
Smell your perfume on the mouthpiece of the phone

In my sort of haunted house
Your ghost’s in every room
But I am not afraid
Because I still love you

This house is sort of haunted
I’m not the man you wanted
Scrubbed the floor but the bloodstains settled in
I didn’t mean to astound you
The afternoon I found you
And I swear to God I aimed the gun at him

The judge acquitted me
My soul can ne’er be free
So I join you now in heaven or in hell
All will be repaired
When I step from this chair
I only pray that he’s not there as well

I Don’t Know

Wish I was black
Wish I was gay
Wish there was a reason
That I felt this way

I’m ahead of my time, but only by a week
This is my happening, and it makes me freak

What’re all these people doing here?
I don’t know
Why do they all look so weird?
I don’t know
Why can’t I love everyone?
I don’t know
Does anyone care
Is anyone there
Just want to meet one

Try to get excited
But I just get scared
Kiss me on the mouth
Kiss me everywhere

You call that a dog?
No, I don’t want some smoke
I’ve never met the poor, but all my friends are broke

What’re all these people doing here?
I don’t know
Why do they all look so weird?
I don’t know
How much before it explodes?
I don’t know
Does anyone care
Is anyone there
I just want to know


I am dutiful
But unbeautiful

Like the president
Or mini-series queen
You are happening
But what does it mean

We’re not thoughtless; we’re not cruel
We’re just unbeautiful

The air’s three shades of brown
We breathe we suck it down
Now it is a part of us
Don’t know when this began
I talk therefore I am
Someone tell me who to trust

All the hands that
I’ve been shaking
I would prefer
To be breaking

You are lying
For a living
You’re ignoring
Your misgivings

Strong Thing

You and me and a couple of poets
Can talk about this but who would believe us
Tell me something that’s never been said
Got the world in my hands will I smash it to pieces?

Show me a millionaire
Who don’t play the lottery
Show me a DJ
Who don’t stutter in company

I’m taking your word this is a strong thing
Last time I did it was the wrong thing
You make me like country music
You make me doubt that I’m not stupid

I wrote you a letter
But I blacked out some words
It’s not worth explaining
Nothing you ain’t heard

But you can read my mind
Or we wouldn’t be here now
If you couldn’t read my mind
I couldn’t show you how

A baby’s crying on a park bench
That doesn’t matter this could be anywhere
You’re a liar in many universes
Thank god I don’t live there

Show me a magician
Any kid can’t tell’s a fraud
Show me a priest
Who knows that there’s a god


Sorry, sorry
I wish I could say that I was
Sorry, sorry

Don’t know why I don’t like you
Don’t know why we fight
Bored and we’re waiting for
For that bright light

Laid waste to this place
It’s time to go to bed

Turn on the radio
All I hear’s that tone
Call up all my friends
No one’s home

Last one left alive
I live but I don’t learn


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