Buy Tour Merch!

Bummed because you couldn’t make it to one of TMJ’s east coast shows? Don’t worry — now you can pretend you were there by purchasing one of the hoodies or t-shirts they were selling at tyhe merch table!

There are a couple dozen hoodies left, though only in Extra-Large or Small. These were easily our best seller at every gig. Keep yourself warm for winter, and/or buy a great Channukah or Christmas present for a loved one with excellent taste.


You can also snag one of the t-shrts we were selling. We’ve got a lot of XL and a handful of 2XLs left over of these, which feature the return of Hugo, who made his first apeparance on our Son of Sam I Am tees.



  1. When will you be getting other sizes?

  2. Not till we book some more shows, as these are tour shirts, and we sold out of all the other sizes.

  3. On the hugo T above, will you please tell me what the shirt says in red? I can’t read it no matter how much I zoom in. Thanks Tim! Love TMJ – fan since the early 90’s – just rocked out to Cereal Killers and Mutiny while I redid my floors.

  4. It says, “Mistakes Will Be Made Tour ’22”

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