New Concert Film!

We’ve got a brand new, professionally shot concert film. It’s our complete set from New York City’s Mercury Lounge last October (10/28/22, to be exact). You get every song we did, including all the fuck-ups, as well as every reading from Ye Olde Booke of Joy. It was edited by our video maven, Jake Wincek. You can even watch an excerpt from the performance, since we turned “What Pricks We Were” into a music video.

If you want a physical DVD, that can be obtained for $25 (including shipping to the US) by clicking the Buy Now button above. If you just want a digital download of the concert, you can buy one for $15 at Gumroad.

If you want BOTH a digital download AND a DVD, you can also buy that for $25 at Gumroad. We net the same amount whichever option you choose.

Expand this post below to peruse the set list.

Set list:

  1. Susquehanna Hat Company
  2. William Holden Caulfield
  3. Normal Never Was
  4. My Past Lives
  5. Fortune Telling’s Easy
  6. King of Beers
  7. Kicking
  8. Uncle Watson Wants to Think
  9. Worse
  10. Magic
  11. Long Haired Guys from England
  12. Half Life
  13. Blinding Light of Love
  14. Donna Everywhere
  15. What Pricks We Were
  16. Crush Story
  17. Minister of Loneliness (featuring Tommy Roulette)
  18. That’s a Lie
  19. Clowns
  20. Theme Song

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  1. The best concert film released this year – Spin Magazine.

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