Another Tiny Tour!

Big news! TMJ will be hitting the road again in September, and venturing a bit farther west this time round. Click on any show below to buy tickets:

The Chicago show will have some VERY special guests we’ll be announcing a little later, but trust us, it’s an amazing bill that would make young Tim weep.

Oh, and if we sell enough tickets in NYC, we can add an early set that same night. Force us to re-learn more songs!


  1. Would you guys consider playing some West Coast shows? Specifically, Southern California. That would be great if you would. Thanks

    DJ Comatose

  2. If/when we get any offers that would cover our expenses, sure.

  3. How do we get this after party thing!?!

  4. Do you mean how do you get tickets to the one in Chicago, or how do you get them in other cities?

  5. Philadelphia, please!

  6. Have you all ever thought of hitting Austin?

  7. We’ll play anywhere that pays us enough to cover the costs of getting there.

  8. Lawrence,Ks!

  9. Just wanted to say I’ve been a huge fan of TMJ since I saw you at the HFStival in ’91. That’s A Lie was awesome! And, I spent my 21st birthday at the TMJ show in ’92 at A.L. Gators in Maryland just after Halloween. You’re one of my absolute favorite bands. I’d love to see you play again. Come on up to Pittsburgh – or, you know, really anywhere & I’ll make the trip.

  10. Though it’s not quite TMJ, Tim and Jay’s side project Wonderlick will be doing a house tour next momnth. Closest they get to Pburg is Youngstown:

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