Super (2015)

Super is Wonderlick’s third LP. It’s a concept album about superheroes.

The whole thing started with “One of the Good Guys,” which was written as the theme song to a reality series Jay was producing about real life adults who create secret identities for themselves, complete with costumes, and go fight crime in their neighborhoods. The series never wound up airing, but it felt like subject matter worth pursuing, so Tim and Jay kept writing more songs about it. Unlike the first two Wonderlick LPs, this one was mostly recorded with a live band, though the members of said band tended to change from session to session.

It was first released as a free app, with a different image of the Tim and Jay action figures you see on the cover doing battle with adversaries real and imagined attached to every song. But now it’s just digital downloads, so you have to picture your own epic battles between the forces of good and evil as you listen.