Mistakes Were Made (2021)

We weren’t really planning on making another record; this album only exists because 2020 sucked so goddamn much. Our humble hope is that, since it now exists, it can make whatever year you’re listening to it in suck a little bit less.


released March 19, 2021

These sound recordings were made by the following people:

  • Jay Blumenfield: guitar, vocals, zoloft
  • Tim Quirk: vocals, edibles
  • Sandy Smallens: bass, vocals, guitar, ardbeg
  • Tommy Vinton: drums, vodka, cranberry
  • William Wittman: bass, guitar, keys, vocals, yamazaki 18
  • Joan Osborne*: Guest vocals on “Uncle Watson Wants to Think”

*Joan Osborne appears courtesy of Womanly Hips Music.