From All of Us to Both of You (05)

Recorded live at the Bayou in Washington, D.C. on 9/18/97. These songs were all part of the same set featured on Live at Least, but they couldn’t all fit on a single CD.

released February 15, 2005

Who Did What:

  • Chris Gately recorded the show. Ted Greenberg and Chris Zurzolo assisted him.
  • Jay Blumenfield played guitar, sang, and cursed more than really necessary.
  • Tim Quirk sang and played the other guitar.
  • Tommy Vinton played the drums.
  • William Wittman played the electric bass guitar and sang.
  • William Wittman produced the record. He mixed it at Righteous Sound, NYC (special thanks: Stewart Lerman) and did the transferring at Acme Studios, Mammaroneck, NY (thanks to Peter Dennenberg).