Finally (1996)

The band’s first album after the departure of original bassist Sandy Smallens (he was replaced by Mutiny producer William Wittman, who also produced this one). Written and recorded in manic bursts of passion followed by long periods of watching TV and trying to figure out what the fuck else we might be able to do with our lives.

released February 27, 1996


  • Jay Blumenfield — “disingenuous harmonies, brash guitar” (New York Times)
  • Tim Quirk — “charmingly defective voice” (Rolling Stone)
  • Tommy Vinton — “cluttered but catchy drumming” (Seventeen)
  • William Wittman — unreviewed bass and singing
  • Recorded, mixed and produced by William Wittman

That blanket on the CD cover folded down to reveal the couple naked.