New Concert Film!

We’ve got a brand new, professionally shot concert film. It’s our complete set from New York City’s Mercury Lounge last October (10/28/22, to be exact). You get every song we did, including all the fuck-ups, as well as every reading from Ye Olde Booke of Joy. It was edited by our video maven, Jake Wincek. You can even watch an excerpt from the performance, since we turned “What Pricks We Were” into a music video.

If you want a physical DVD, that can be obtained for $25 (including shipping to the US) by clicking the Buy Now button above. If you just want a digital download of the concert, you can buy one for $15 at Gumroad.

If you want BOTH a digital download AND a DVD, you can also buy that for $25 at Gumroad. We net the same amount whichever option you choose.

Expand this post below to peruse the set list.

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Limited Edition Outtakes CD

We’ll be releasing a deluxe version of All These Fucking Feelings, (retitled to All These CENSORED Feelings so Spotify will let us promote it within their service) digitally on March 31st. It will include 13 outtakes and fan commissions. If you contributed to the IndieGoGo camaign that funded the last record, you should already have all of these, but if not you ma be inerested in th very limited edition CD Propeller will be releasing on that same day.

That disc is titled All These Fucking Outtakes, and you can pre-order it here.

Buy Tour Merch!

Bummed because you couldn’t make it to one of TMJ’s east coast shows? Don’t worry — now you can pretend you were there by purchasing one of the hoodies or t-shirts they were selling at tyhe merch table!

There are a couple dozen hoodies left, though only in Extra-Large or Small. These were easily our best seller at every gig. Keep yourself warm for winter, and/or buy a great Channukah or Christmas present for a loved one with excellent taste.


You can also snag one of the t-shrts we were selling. We’ve got a lot of XL and a handful of 2XLs left over of these, which feature the return of Hugo, who made his first apeparance on our Son of Sam I Am tees.


Review of Cambridge Show

Jim Sullivan, who’s been reveiwing TMJ’s Boston shows since the ’90s, has a nice piece in Rock & Roll Globe about our show at Sonia in Cambridge on Tuesday.

Many thanks to our long-time hero Hugo Burnham for jumping onstage to play  Gang of Four’s “Damaged Goods” with us.

The Penultimate Donor Single!

The installment in our 12 Months of Joy Campaign has now been distributed to all IndieGoGo donors.

The A-side is a rocker titled “As Quiet As God.”

There are two B-sides.

“Our History In Hugs” was commissioned by Nicole Lydic, who asked for the saddest love song we could write about her and the late, lamented Jay Wilson (Weatherman). We hope she likes it, and if there’s any way for him to hear it, that he does, too. We liked this one so much we put it on the album, too.

“The Best Beer Buyer in Portland” is Jim Bonomo, who was named exactly that by the Willamette Week.

Boston Globe Feature

The Boston Globe has a great feature about the band in today’s paper. It’s written by long-time fan Marc Hirsch, who understands TMJ is more than just a goofy frat-rock band.

It’s always nice to be interviewed by people who get us.

You can read it below, or click through to the Globe’s site here.

Another Album Review

New Noise Magazine has a nice review of All These Fucking Feelings,  which they say adds “another dozen, plus one, fast pop rock songs crammed with hilarious smart-ass lyrics” to our ouvre.

Read the whole thing here.

It’s Album Release Day!

Our new album, All These Fucking Feelings, is officially available. If you donated to the IndieGoGo campaign that underwrote its creation, you should have already received your download code; physical copies are working their way toward those who ordered them via the U.S. mail. And you can stream it everywhere.

Mistakes Will Be Made After Parties!

So the band’s been having a big debate about if/how/why to arrange meet and greets at each gig. After much back and forth, and based on a lot of input from fans, we have decided to arrange genuine after parties in each city, to which we will be making available a very limited number of wristbands that can be purchased in advance or at the merch table.

If you just want a selfie with a band member, or a quick hello, you will almost definitely be able to do that at the gig itself, as TMJ are not ones to lock themselves in the dressing room. But if you’re interested in sitting down and yakking about stuff over drinks for an extended period of time, then we encourage you to buy a wristband for one of the after parties.

Doing it this way means we have to spend (and therefore charge) more than if we just set aside a half hour at the venue during soundcheck, but hopefully the end result will be worth it.

In Boston, the after party will be held at Sonia, the same venue the band is playing. There are only 33 tickets available directly from the venue: here.

In DC and NYC, the after parties will be held at secret locations disclosed only to those who buy wristbands in advance (you’ll be able to buy one at the merch table each night, but since we’re only selling a couple dozen of these, you can also reserve one below and pick it up at the merch table when you get there).

$50 gets you a wristband, and membership in a secret email group who will be receiving a message with the address of the after party shortly after TMJ’s set ends each night.

$60 gets you that, plus a free t-shirt, plus a band member will personally purchase your first drink for you at the bar. Order wristbands for the DC party here, and for the NYC party here. For Boston, you can purchase directly from the venue here.