Well, we sold out of the new razor blade T-shirts on our most recent run of dates, but we still have a few hats and hoodies left (including a VERY few Small and Large hoodies).

We love these hats. The TMJ logo is stitched onto the cap.






The hoodies are pretty sweet. They keep you pretty warm, too. Grab the small and large ones while they last (which will not be long).



  1. Any chance merch will come back in 2XL?

  2. Not unless/until we tour again.

  3. Don’t say unless. UNTIL!!!!

  4. Dude, I deserve some free merch. I have been a fan of you guys since 1999 ! I saw you guys in Cincinnati, Ohio then when Bare Naked Ladies opened for you ! I was there when Donna Everywhere broke on 97X in Cincinnati. To this day you guys are one of my all time favorite bands along with The Smiths and Depeche Mode. I never get to see you guys around but I still jam on the multiple cds I have of you guys !!! Hook a brother up ! I live near Dallas, Texas now and would love to see you guys again ! You guys were amazing ! Like I said Bare Naked Ladies opened for you, that just shows how far I go back with you !

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