Green Eggs and Crack (1987)

Too Much Joy’s first LP, self-released in 1987, then (happily) hard to find for a decade until they re-released it in 1997. It was recorded in fits and starts, beginning when the band members were in high-school, and finishing as they were getting out of college. So cut it some slack.

This is the re-release, which includes 5 bonus tracks — 2 from the original sessions, and 3 from 1993, by which time they’d actually learned how to play and sing. The ringers are at the end. If you buy the digital download package, you’ll get a PDF of the booklet that was included in the CD re-release, which has a reminiscence from Tim about the making of the record (and its aftermath), and an essay by early supporter Joe Williams, who once took Tim and Tommy on a debauched spree to Tijuana… but that’s another story.

Green Eggs and Crack Press