Gods and Sods (1999)

Gods and Sods

Outtakes and rarities collection, spanning the band’s first decade. 10 of the 17 songs were recorded during the 4-year gap between Mutiny and …Finally (together with the 3 that wound up on the re-issue of Green Eggs and Crack, they give you a good idea of what TMJ’s fifth album might have sounded like if they’d stayed on Giant). Also includes demos of tracks that never got recorded for Son of Sam I Am, Cereal Killers and Mutiny, plus one of the 2 Live Crew covers that landed the boys in what one cop termed “The Greybar Hotel.”

This version contains a bonus track, “Sunroof,” that wasn’t on the original CD. It was given to eMusic as an exclusive track back in 1999, but has been unavailable since. You can purchase the entire album in pristine 320kbps MP3 downloads by clicking the black button below. The download comes with a reasonably-legible scan of the CD booklet.

Download Gods ($8.99)

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