Mutiny (1992)

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TMJ’s fourth album, and second recorded with a major-label budget. Produced by William Wittman, who got the gig by telling the band he understood that they liked the Clash, but he thought they sounded more like the Who, which is who the Clash were imitating in the first place (interestingly, Too Much Joy also hired their manager, Winston Simone, after he told them he knew nothing about “alternative” or “indie rock,” he just thought they sounded like the Who — the lesson being, if you want something out of Too Much Joy, just tell them they sound like the Who and/or the Clash and they are putty in your hands). Bill also impressed the band by telling them his goal was to make records that sounded like the band was playing live, then adding the all-important caveat, “That doesn’t mean you actually play live.”Since this one belongs to Giant/Warner, we can’t sell it to you, but we can provide helpful links to the major digital retailers.

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