Topless at the Arco Arena (2009)

Wonderlick’s second full-length is a concept album about a girl named Jenny who yanks off her T-Shirt at a rock show, her stoner boyfriend, and the businessmen who turn their dreams against them. It was spurred by an article of the same name Tim wrote about his misadventures during the dotcom boom and bust, which is included in the booklet. You probably don’t need to know or care about any of this to enjoy it.

The album will be released on July 7th.If you pre-order it now, you’ll get immediate downloads of the first 2 tracks from Topless, plus a bonus non-album track called “Nobody Loves You Enough” and a PDF of the CD booklet with the album art, the Topless essay, lyrics and credits. All downloads are premium, DRM-free 320kbps MP3s.

Clicking the pre-order button in the player above will take you to the store page on Wonderlick’s site. If you don’t want to navigate away from here, you can just click the button below. (Note: if you’ve bought other stuff on this site already, you may have to re-enter your cc information. Sorry about that.)

If you really like your Wonderlick, a couple bucks more gets you all of the above, plus a download of the video for “This Song is a Commercial” AND the Double Encore EP, which includes 6 more bonus tracks (you’ll get one of them, “I Know Where You Live,” too.