Dante’s Disco Inferno ($18.99)



Dante’s Disco Inferno! began life as a VHS tape the band sold at shows, which contained all six TMJ videos (Innocents Ablaze, Making Fun of Bums, That’s a Lie, Crush Story, Donna Everywhere, and In Perpetuity) and plenty of other stuff that’s even more embarrassing.

  • Gasp as the host of some lame cable show breaks Tim’s guitar!
  • Hide when TMJ join the Go-Go’s onstage in their underwear (TMJ’s in underwear; the Go-Go’s aren’t)!
  • Envy Tim’s Cool wrestling mask as the band perform “Susquehanna Hat Company” at the WHFStival.
  • Moan contentedly while you watch live performances torn straight from enterprising fans’ camcorders!

This DVD re-issue contains everything from that blurry tape, and adds a bonus disc with an entire concert from the 1992 Mutiny tour, plus some other goodies.

Song Listing:

  • Susquehanna Hat Company
  • Worse
  • Soft Core
  • Innocents Ablaze
  • Drum Machine
  • My Past Lives
  • Train in Vain
  • Making Fun of Bums
  • Good Kill
  • That’s a Lie
  • Long Haired Guys from England
  • William Holden Caulfield
  • Goodbye, Ohio
  • Crush Story
  • Gramatan
  • The Otter Song
  • Donna Everywhere
  • What It Is
  • Weak
  • Take a Lot of Drugs
  • Get Me Out of Here
  • In Perpetuity
  • Theme Song