TMJ Elsewhere on the Net just published a feature on bands with their own theme songs. They include TMJ at the end, so you have to scroll all the way down. Includes a gratuitous knock on the band. Sigh. Anyway, you can read it here:

Also, NPR has been doing some end-of-decade coverage on their Monitor Mix blog. They surveyed a bunch of musicians and other industry-type folks. Today’s question is “What does “indie” mean to you. I answered that, and several others on earlier days, and theoretically some more to come, if you want to check it out.

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  1. At the end of Spinner’s entry on Too Much Joy, they felt the need to hate by saying, “We wouldn’t think Too Much Joy were worth mentioning…blah blah blah, Bozo the Clown, blah blah…”

    Well, Spinner folks, you would think TMJ were worth mentioning if you had seen them utterly RAWK the Paradise Rock Club in Boston, as I did, in the spring of ’93. I had never heard of the band before the gig, but my friends who worked at the college radio station said, “Trust me, these guys are GOOD!” So I went and enjoyed a concert experience I still recall to this day.

    True story: The glasses got knocked from my face during an impromptu mosh toward the end of the show, and a bunch of punk rockers were trying to help me find them during the encore, as the band gently sang, “Smash a glass and cry…” I’m like, “Are these guys singing about ME?”

    Yeah, you WERE singing about me.

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