1. Waited forever for this album appropriately called “Finally”.
    TMJ was the perfect band to listen to while sitting around getting drunk. Of course when they came to Boulder Co and played with The Mighty Lemon Drops and (I forgot which other cool band) downtown, we did not go see them and forever kicked ourselves for missing out.
    I’ll never forget the the TMJ newsletter my brother subscribed to, always waiting to see what was up with the band.

  2. “Bruuuuce..” !!! I always liked the reference, even if it was to an artist unrelated to TMJ.

    But, Bruuuuce does have a certain kinship to Song for a Girl Who Has One, and I could see TMJ ripping through some River-era Bruuuuce, like Sherry Darling. Then again, River-era Bruuuce was pretty much an American playing catch-up to London Calling, which triangulates to TMJ nicely.

    And as the adult I am now, it does appear that TMJ might have matched Bruuuuce “dad song” for “dad song,” something I hadn’t noticed all those years ago.

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