New(ish) Too Much Joy!

While TMJ never really broke up, it’s become pretty rare for them to perform or record. And the most recent three songs they recorded have been a bit hard to acquire, as they were intended as part of Record Store Day releases and/or have only been available on vinyl.

But it’s almost Christmastime, so as a gift to fans we’re making them all available to stream for free here and now. If you want to give yourself a gift, you can also purchase digital downloads of the tunes. Or, if you’re some kind of Elmer J. Fudd, Millionaire, who owns a mansion and a yacht and a turntable, you can buy the Deluxe Package, which includes a 7″ single with two of the songs on colored vinyl (you can still buy the Deluxe Package even if you don’t possess a turntable with which to play it, as the single is a lovely physical object that rewards you just for gazing upon it).

The songs are:

“We Are The Clash,” a cover of what might be the worst Clash song ever, but which the band had to do when they heard Crooked Beat were putting out a tribute to Cut The Crap (which was definitely the Clash’s worst LP ever), because We Are The Clash¬†was one of the titles briefly considered but quickly rejected for what ultimately became Cereal Killers.

“We Are Not The Clash,” a song TMJ wrote in the studio two years ago while banging out the cover song above.

“Trash City,” a cover of one of the first (and best) Joe Strummer solo tunes, which TMJ recorded for a follow-up Record Store Day tribute LP released by Crooked Beat.

If you’d like to own the songs, head on over to Bandcamp.

5 Responses to “New(ish) Too Much Joy!”

  1. John C Says:

    Great tracks guys!! What a gift to have some new TMJ.

  2. Karyn Oldendick Says:

    omg! amazing!!! I Miss you guys so much! great to hear some newish tunes!

  3. Jim Bonomo Says:

    So good. Please play a show.

  4. Jim Bonomo Says:

    So good. Please play a show.

  5. Shawn Livingston Says:

    Love it….. thank you

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