Bootleg 3-Pack (’91, ’93, ’96)

If you want a professionally recorded, mixed and mastered live CD from TMJ, go buy Live at Least. But if that’s simply not enough Joy, or you miss hearing Sandy, this 60 track collection is for you.

We’ve selected three shows, from ’91, ’93 and ’96. The first was recorded with a 24-track mobile truck, the second was taped by a fan with a Walkman, and the third was recorded off the board by the band’s soundman. Together they give you the whole range of TMJ live – songs from Green Eggs and Crack through …Finally, a bunch of covers, the usual banter, inebriation and equipment malfunctions. A lot of it’s inspired, some of it is merely unfortunate, and every once in a while the tape ends before the song does.

Set lists:

Los Angeles, 1991

  1. Susquehanna Hat Company
  2. Worse
  3. Song For A Girl Who Has One
  4. Long-Haired Guys From England
  5. William Holden Caulfield
  6. Making Fun Of Bums
  7. My Past Lives
  8. If I Was A Mekon
  9. Thanksgiving In Reno
  10. Crush Story
  11. King attempt – Otter Song
  12. Drum Machine
  13. Seasons In The Sun
  14. Kicking
  15. That’s A Lie (partial)
  16. Police On My Back
  17. Theme Song

Boston, 1993

  1. Intro
  2. Unbeautiful
  3. Worse
  4. William Holden Caulfield
  5. Long-Haired Guys From England
  6. Peacenick
  7. Starry Eyes
  8. What It Is
  9. Just Like A Man
  10. Secret Handshake
  11. Take A Lot Of Drugs
  12. King Of Beers
  13. Donna Everywhere
  14. Kicking
  15. Crush Story
  16. Susquehanna Hat Company
  17. Magic
  18. Seasons In The Sun
  19. Birds Fly
  20. That’s A Lie
  21. Map Like Mine
  22. Theme Song

Boston, 1996

  1. That’s A Lie
  2. Magic
  3. Mrs. Now
  4. Donna Everywhere
  5. Poison Your Mind
  6. Weak
  7. Take A Lot of Drugs
  8. Seasons In The Sun/Pop Muzik
  9. Half Life
  10. What It Is
  11. You Will
  12. King Of Beers
  13. A New England
  14. The Kids Don’t Understand
  15. Crush Story
  16. Susquehanna Hat Company
  17. William Holden Caulfield
  18. Underneath A Jersey Sky
  19. Long Haired Guys From England
  20. Just Like A Man
  21. Theme Song