It’s (Almost) Showtime, Folks!

The boys are now gathering in New York, blowing the dust off our instruments, and figuring out which old and new songs we remember how to play. Our first shows in 15 years are just weeks away.

  • Thursday October 27th: Jammin Java, Washington, DC (SOLD OUT)
  • Sunday, October 30th: Mercury Lounge, New York, NY (SOLD OUT)
  • Tuesday, November 1: Sonia, Boston, MA — tix still available (why you lagging, Boston?)

We’re also trying to arrange some kind of meet and greets before or after each gig, as we’ve had numerous requests for that. We’ll post details as soon as we’re done arguing about what’s an appropriate price to charge.

If you haven’t already, you can pre-order the album here.

Yet Another Video!

We’re not gonna lie: we do not have Beyonce-level video budgets. But we’re pretty proud of what we manage with what we have. This time around, we used the lyrics to our latest single, “Fortune Telling’s Easy,” as text prompts for the Stable Diffusion AI image generator to see what would happen. Jake Wincek, who did such great things with the live footage for our last video, then strung all the results together to create this lyric video.

Donor Single #10

Happy Rocktober. This month brings yet another single release fetauring tunes that will not be on the new LP.

The A-side is called “Another Year Gone.” Kind of appropriate as the seasons turn.

The B-side, “Idiots in Paradise,” was commissioned by Joe Peters, who also suggested the title. That’s usually a good way to guarantee the song gets called something else, but in this case it fit the meter perfectly.

Pre-Order Tour Merch!

We’re printing up some sweet zippered hoodies for our upcoming tour, but since we’re not sure how many people will want to spend $40 on one, we’re paranoid simultaneously about ordering too many (and winding up with more boxes of stuff in one of our garages) and ordering too few (thus disappointing fans in NY or Boston if they all get sold before we get there).

To deal with this dilemma, we have decided to let folks who really, really want one pre-order, so they are guaranteed to get one. This will have the added benefit of helping us figure out how many to print.

If you’re coming to one of our east coast shows in October/November, just click the BUY NOW button below, select your size, and fill out the resulting form. We’ll have a hoodie in the size you requested waiting at the merch table for you — just give your name, and receive your lovely gear. And if you wind up not making the show for any reason, never fear, as PayPal will have collected your address and we can ship it to you once we’re home on November 2nd.

If you won’t be coming to a show, but still want one of these lovely hoodies, you can still press the BUY NOW button. You will also be guaranteed a hoodie, which will ship to you in early November, once we’ve returned from the road.


Another Video!

Propeller Sound Recordings just released the second official single from our upcoming LP, “Normal Never Was.” Donors to our IndieGoGo campaign already received that one back in January, but the video should make for a pleasing surprise, consisting as it does of 20 years’ worth of live footage condensed into under 3 minutes of pop punk glory.

Thanks to everyone who’s mailed us VHS tapes and DVDs of shows they’ve attended over the years. if we used your footage, we appreciate it. Even if we didn’t use your footage, we still appreciate it.

Donor single #9

Happy new month. September brings yet another single release fetauring tunes that will not be on October’s LP.

The A-side is called “Better Than Being Alone.” It’s about what it sounds like it’s about.

B-side number one is an electro-funk tune that a couple band members really wanted on the album, but they got outvoted. It’s called “Dance Like a Child.”

And this month’s fan commission is called “Just Jen,” which was purchased as a fiftieth birthday present to his wife by Sean McVeigh.

There’s a New TMJ Video!

As promised, here’s a brand new TMJ video, for “Mercy Mild,” the first official single off of our upcoming LP, All These Fucking Feelings. It was inspired by Tim’s favorite pandemic activity: taking edibles and watching old silent films while listening to his favorite songs on shuffle play. That reminded him of what going to clubs was like back in the ’80s, when venues would regularly screen random old video clips while new wave hits played on the PA. Every once in a while, image and audio would line up as though they were meant to be experienced together.

So we tried to do the same thing with our song, and old footage from Rex Ingram’s The Magician (1926), which features a pretty greate scene in which the heroine is sent to hell.

Donor single #8

This month’s donor single, “Mercy Mild,” is also the first official single from the upcoming LP. We’ll be putting out a video for it in a few days, but dedicated fans get the audio over a week before anyone else on the planet.

The B-side is “Clio’s Stuck Inside,” which was commissioned by Jim Williams, in honor of his daughter.

July’s Donor Single

IndieGoGo donors have now received the seventh of twelve monthly singles. It’s called “My Future Ex-Wife.” The B-side is “Wyandot County Beef Queen, 1988.” That one was commissioned by Jon Breiner, who did indeed marry the lady who won that title.

Neither tune will be on the forthcoming LP.

TMJ Tours Once More!

TMJ Returns To The Stage!

We’re going to celebrate the upcoming release of the next Too Much Joy album by playing a few shows — our first in 15 years. We’re dubbing this the Mistakes Will Be Made mini-tour, and we’ll be playing songs from throughout our career. Here’s what’s been booked so far:

  • Thursday October 27th: Jammin Java, Washington, DC
  • Sunday, October 30th: Mercury Lounge, New York, NY (presale code: MISTAKES)
  • Tuesday, November 1: Sonia, Boston, MA

Note that, while we may fill in some shows between those (let us know if your tri-state-area Halloween party needs a house band!), these will likely be our only live dates in 2022 — we do not expect to get north of Boston, west of Philly, or south of DC this year. So if you’re inclined to see us, please click the links above to buy tickets for one of those shows ASAP — the more tickets we sell, the more likely we are to get other shows later on (we may even be able to add a second show in some or all of the cities above if they sell out quickly).

The abum, if you haven’t heard, will be called All These Fucking Feelings, and is coming out October 21st on Propeller Sound Recordings. Brooklyn Vegan just premiered the LP’s first track, “We Yell at 8,” if you’d like to hear it.

We look forward to sweating on all of you soon!