The Hits Keep Coming

No joke: there’s a new donor-only single. This one’s called Remembrance of Things Fast, and the artwork is based on the cover of the Proust novel Tim failed to read all the way through in high-school.

It comes with two b-sides. “She Took it as a Sign” was commissioned by Jennifer Renfroe, while “Bloodfest Records” was commissioned by P.M. Bradshaw. Many thanks to them, and all the donors, who will be getting not just these singles, but a brand spanking new TMJ LP before the year is out.

If you have FOMO because you never heard about, or simply didn’t get around to donating to, the IndieGoGo campaign that made all this music possible, you may still do so here.

Still More Joy!

Another month, another donor-only single. This one’s called “The Song I Didn’t Write,” and it’s dedicated to to Chip Turner, who paid for a custom B-side but then told us to just keep the money and spend our time working on the album. He’s a dude.

“Killer the Bichon Frisé” was commissioned by Donna Shuster, for her rescue pup. He looks so good in his Harley gear, we’re posting the alternate art for the single instead of the actual cover which is nowhere near as good.

As always, if you want the music but slept on the IndieGoGo campaign that funded its creation, you can still sign up to receive all 13 singles (4 released so far; 9 more to come) here.

More Joy!

It’s a new month, so there’s a new, donor-only TMJ single. This one has three songs:

  1. Old Friends Make Me Sad, whish is about what it sounds like.
  2. “What Pricks We Were,” commissioned by Jonathan Valeri, for his lifelong friend and brother, Mike Bellofatto.
  3. “Rabbi Rosenberg,” which was written for the 50th birthday of the official rabbi of Too Much Joy, Jason Rosenberg. It was commissioned by Deborah Bowen and a crew of the man’s other stans.

If you missed the IndieGoGo campaign but want to hear the songs before they’re released to the general public, you can still get in on the fun by becoming a donor here.

New Tunes for a New Year

Happy New Year, everybody. We’re celebrating by sending all our IndieGoGo donors the first of the twelve singles they’ll be reciving in 2022. It’s got two songs. The first is “Normal Never Was,” a song about how the better pasts we imagine rarely were. The b-side is “Curse of the Bobblehead,” a true story commissioned by Justin Beland, for his father-in-law Marc Gold. This is probably the last time TMJ will ever sing about sportsball, but you needn’t be a fan of the game (or, even, Too Much Joy) to enjoy this particular song, which has lessons for us all.

New Much Joy!

Well, the last time did this was so much fun that we’ve decided to do it again: last night we announced a new IndieGoGo campaign for 2022. The end result will be a brand-spanking new TMJ record, but we’re going to be even more ambitious this time round. In addition to giving donors the new album when it’s done (either as digital downloads, a shiny CD, or a limited edition, donor-only colored vinyl LP, depending on how much you pledge), we’re committing to release a brand new, donor-only single every month in 2022.

But wait, there’s more! If you can afford $200, you’ll also get access to the TMJ Music Vault, which comes pre-populated with demos and outtakes from their entire career, and which will have new demos, alternate mixes and other ephemera from the new album’s sessions added throughout the year.

And if you can afford $500, you can buy one of 12 custom B-sides to those donor-only singles, in which the music from the previous month’s A-side will be given brand new lyrcis, written by Tim, about any topic of your choosing. Have TMJ sing the praises of your loved one, or pet, or anything you;ve ever wished they’d write a song about.

And if you have $1000 to splurge, you can commission a custom song for which Tim will not only write the lyrics, but completely new music. Some of those might even wind up on the new LP, which will be coming out on Propeller Sound Recordings, likely sometime in October of 2022.

Even better: all donors at any level will be sent a code that unlocks a new TMJ song called “We Yell at 8.” Contribute here.

An Old Pal Interviews Us

Jim Sullivan covered some of our earliest shows in Boston. He was at T.T. the Bear’s when the band decided to lead the crowd in a parade out of the club, down the street, into the Middle East (where a different band was playing) and back. And he was there many years later at the Paradise, standing next to Tim’s mom and feeling a bit uncomfortable as the band cursed up a storm.

Anyway, we consider him a pal, so it was a treat having an extended discussion about our new album with him, conducted over email and the phone.

Tim says you should read all the way to the end, as Jim got him to explain what the band does and why in the most romantic manner he’s ever managed.

Read the whole thing here.

More Press: That Devil Music

The Reverend Keith Gordon seems pleased with our new album. You can read what he has to say about it at his site, That Devil Music.

At the end of his article, he has embedded our latest video, “Uncle Watson Wants to Think,” which can only be viewed on his site for now. We’ll release it more widely soon.

“Uncle Watson” features friend of the band Joan Osborne on guest vocals. She fits right in, we think.


Big Takeover Video Premiere


We made a video for “Blinding Light of Love”! And legendary punk/indie magazine/website The Big Takeover is premiering it!

You can read what they have to say about our video here, and/or watch the thing below. It was animated by the very talented Anna Burholt.

MXDWN Premieres New TMJ Single


MXDWN has a nice write-up of the lead track from Mistakes Were Made, “Blinding Light of Love.”

We’re not quite sure what they find so humorous, but any press is good press, right?

You can check it out here.